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My husband and I have just returned from an epic backpacking trek through China, Thailand and Malaysia. With a particular interest in herbal medicine we had hoped to share some of our research on African herbal remedies with the Chinese doctors. Two weeks after our chill out in the tropics we found ourselves in the ice and snow. On the roof of China Jim broke out in a severe fever with simultaneous red hot temperatures and chills . We were in the middle of nowhere, admiring the wonderful scenery, seven hours up a vertical stone staircase in the mountains. Very few people spoke English. We had already visited many mosquito-infested areas in Thailand and Malaysia. Could this be malaria? During the next day, the fever and night sweats intensified and my husband became delirious. I grabbed our stash of olive leaf tablets we had been saving to show the Chinese doctors and fed them to him, making him chew a couple every few hours. The next morning his temperature was fine. No aching joints. He continued taking the olive leaf tablets and by the time we visited a big Chinese Herbal Research Hospital in Guilin a few days later, he was his normal bouncy self and there was no need for a doctor's consultation. We were introduced to the resident professor. Doctors come from all over the world to learn about the Chinese remedies at this hospital. For the past 50 years, these formulations have been used to treat chronic diseases. " How about malaria, bacterial, fungal and viral infections, the common cold or even a tooth abscess?" I asked him. He politely shook his head. We described Jim's miraculous turnabout as well as the success rate that South African therapists were having with candida, leaky gut, cancer, TB, AIDS and bladder infections using Nature Fresh olive leaf tablets. When we tried to explain that our wild African olive leaves were indeed a safe and natural alternative to antibiotics, antiviral drugs as well as a remedy for high blood pressure, poor circulation and sexual dysfunction, the professor smiled nervously and said: "We do not wish to waste any more of your time". We were efficiently ushered down the stairs and out of the building.

Special note: This information is not intended as medical advice. Please consult your health practitioner first if you are: pregnant, breastfeeding or epileptic or if you have a serious health condition. You are responsible for your own health and safety. 

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