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Blood group diet

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2014 NEWS
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We sourced a local bottle and it costs us less. Enjoy more of our popular mouthwash, body washes and intimate cleansers. Remember to recycle all your plastic containers.

1 hour live talk presentation.

We CAN control CANCER. How does it happen and how CAN we stop the pro-cancerous trend?

Talk (52 megs)

Notes (PDF)

The Budwig Diet

1 and a half hour live talk presentation.


Talk (62 megs)
1 hour radio interview Sue Visser explains about:

Blood type diet details, Vegetarianism and weight management, Hormones and cancer, the Gluten free diet and its health benefits

Join us! (55 megs)


There is always a solution to your problem. Plenty of information is available and there are so many things you can take and do to remedy a situation naturally, without drugs and medicines. Common sense is the only answer. It is the safest of any approach to sort out your own body. In a world where we are given antibiotics, hormones, sedatives and anti-depressants to get through the day it is comforting to know that there are other ways to survive The information we provide in our demonstrations, talks and health articles comes from doctors, gynecologists, homeopaths, naturopaths, aromatherapists and many other remarkable people who have provided parts of the jigsaw puzzle that forms the basis of good health. 

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Sue Visser’s Free Blood Type Diet Guide! Based on her book: HEALTHY HAPPY EATING

1 There is no point in following a blood type diet without first determining your secretor status.

2 Many people are intolerant to gluten – regardless of blood type recommendations.

3 Too many carbohydrates – regardless of being suitable for you will mess with your cholesterol, insulin, weight and energy levels.

4 Please link to
SUITE 101 for the archived articles on the diet, hormones, parasites, etc.

5 My new articles are available at Info Barrel . Here you can get the latest recipes and research highlights. You can subscribe to this feed to stay in touch.

Here is the folder that contains the most important part of my research into blood type diets. This information is what makes the whole thing work and is worth considering before you begin.

It has taken me over 10 years to fine tune the way food behaves in each of the 4 blood types, plus the 4 sub-types.

One of them will work the best for you!


Also contains Coleus Forsklii. The following diet plan is recommended with it. It is important to know your blood type. Faster results are achieved if you eliminate all gluten:

NO: wheat, rye, oats or barley.



Changes to our oral hygiene and intimate products are: NO PARABENS, NO SLES/SLS, NO COLOURING, NO SACCHARINE We only use xylitol and stevia in oral hygiene products. As always: no fluoride, alcohol, sucralose, "parfum", or irritants.

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Xylitol Info


Probiotics Info




Many of us suffer from anaemia, gut problems, autoimmune conditions, asthma, fatigue and depression because we eat gluten. Learn how to cut out the wheat/gluten in your life and set yourself free from debilitating diseases.

Gluten Free Recipes


Is coleus forskohlii a fat burner?

Yes! And a whole lot more...Doctor Oz set off a new slimming craze with this herb. It does work! We have been selling it as a tincture and in MEGASLIM for many years.


Coleus Tincture PDF


Research and development for intimate hygiene products

Candida, discharges, rashes dryness and vaginitis have common causes but may be symptoms of more serious infections. Natural remedies are safe and soothing and can be used with medications. For a more comprehensive explanation, the following links will explain more about the problem

The olive leaf story

Nature Fresh products contain a lot of olive leaves! A single olive leaf tablet contains over 7 wild harvested, bio-dynamically grown olive leaves. No extracts = 100% synergy to deliver a potent anti-microbial combination, plus immune boosting and circulation enhancing effects.


See advert for Health Intelligence magazine.

Questions & Answers with Sue

Dear NATURE FRESH customers and health enthusiasts, Thank you for your interesting questions. Here is a selection from January - April, 2012. These letters are made anonymous so the questions as well as the advice can be shared by people with similar problems. This section of our website has become very popular and it links to topics typed into the SEARCH box. We all like to care and share, so your questions are welcome. 
Regards, Sue Visser 

Download all the Questions and Answers for 2012


The 2014 Nature Fresh
Product Range


Download Nature Fresh
Product Catalogue (PDF)

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The xylitol challenge for Nature Fresh fans who take Calcium Complex

A sweet approach to preventing tooth decay and boosting calcium

Here is a new challenge in terms of calcium uptake. As a health researcher, I have worked with calcium supplementation for over 14 years. Our CALCIUM COMPLEX by NATURE FRESH has walked its talk over the years, and does it taste like chalk! We usually advise people to take a teaspoon of the powder in a little water at bedtime. As such people have managed to overcome fragile bones and even reverse osteoporosis in a few cases. A delicious bedtime beverage now holds the key to improving your calcium status: cocoa powder, xylitol and a calcium supplement. Call it hot chocolate with a difference!

Why do we take Probiotics?

After using antibiotics we are advised to replace beneficial bacteria also known as gut flora that are killed unintentionally. However, there are natural antibiotics that can adversely affect our resident population of beneficial microbes. Anything “natural” that destroys bacteria will also need probiotic compensation if it is used in large, repeated doses.

Bacterial infections (successfully) treated by: echinacea, propolis, goldenseal, oregano extracts and even excessive doses of garlic will wipe out the good bacteria that need to be replaced. If not, you remain vulnerable to dysbiosis and especially mould-based infections that cause cancer or weaken the immune system.


A new versatile aluminium-free deodorant cream:
Nature Fresh DEO-BUSTER!

This new silky deo-buster cream contains colloidal silver, selenium and decolourised iodine to help protect ladies from breast cancer. They are combined with herbal extracts of calendula and witch hazel in a paraben-free base of vanishing cream. It is free of aluminium and is ideal for armpits, an area that is close to lymph glands and breast tissue. Iodine and selenium deficiencies affect breast diseases like cancer and fibrocystic disease.

Rubbing this anti-chafing cream onto breasts helps to boost iodine reserves that are present in breast tissue. The same goes for the thyroid, making it a great throat cream as well! For tough sporty customers it is excellent for pongy pits, grotty groins (lycra cycle pants) stinky feet (gym shoes) and infected toe nails. It is free of nasty chemicals, perfumes and colouring. The formulation is slightly astringent and is not an antiperspirant. Sweat is not the problem. All you need is to control the bacteria that cause odour, rashes and microbial/fungal skin infections.

The cream does not leave white marks on black clothing or yellow stains on white clothing! After using it daily for a
while you need only apply it every second day as the odour busting effect increases with regular use.

Warning - X-Ray protection for thyroid

Nature Fresh guide to “low libido” problems

Q: Please can you help me. I struggle with my libido, it seems I do not have one at all and after 14 years my husband feels very, very rejected. I do not know what is wrong but need to change the situation ASAP. Can you suggest any of your products? Thank you so much.

A: Thanks for being so honest! Ladies (me included) have a problem in keeping up with the preconceived idea that all females have the libido of a rabbit on heat. We do not have the same hormonal setup as men. We are very different to how the media make us "ought to be". Of course, there are plenty of products to boost a libido and often this is a good way to spark off a pleasurable round of sex. But it is not an honest solution. First take time to look at the causes and you will soon hear bells ringing!


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